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Our Spirits

Local Grain. Handmade.

All of our spirits are mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged on site. When it comes to our spirits, we don't mess around. Only the best ingredients make it to our recipes and only the best liquid makes it to bottles.

Our Story

Our story starts just like any story that involves a guy who loves to make whiskey and is bad with power tools. Four Finger Distillery was started in 2014, but at that time we were known as 1205 Distillery and we had all of our fingers. In the fall of 2014 our distiller and owner, Brad, was installing a door in our new distillery and made a bad cut with the saw and lost his pinky. We kept the name 1205 Distillery for quite some time after the accident eventhough the name Four Finger Distillery was always in the back of our mind. It was hard for us to ignore the incredible story and name that would come with Four Finger Distillery. So finally in 2022 we decided to take the leap and become Four Finger Distillery for good!      

Indianapolis Tasting room

630 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Four Finger Distillery is a unique distillery tasting room located in the heart of Indianapolis. Here you can explore our wide selection of craft spirits, from whiskey, liqueurs, vodka and gin, and even enjoy spirit flights and cocktails. We also offer delicious, made to order pizza from Greek's Pizzeria to pair with your favorite drinks. Come experience the unique atmosphere of Four Finger Distillery, where you can sample fine spirits and enjoy a delicious meal with friends. Stop by today to taste all that we have to offer!




Westfield Tasting Room

120 Camilla Ct, Westfield, Indiana 46074

21+ Facility

Four Finger Distillery is a craft distillery and tasting room in the heart of Westfield. We are dedicated to producing unique, small-batch spirits that we are proud to share with our customers. Our tasting room is a great spot for a night out with friends. We offer a selection of cocktails and limited craft beer, as well as live music every Friday and Saturday night. Come down to Four Finger Distillery and taste the difference!


coming soon
Making cocktails at home? We've got you covered!

Cocktails are a great way to make any evening special, whether you're having a night in with friends, hosting a party, or just looking for a way to unwind at home. Making cocktails doesn't have to be complicated either - many classic cocktails are easy to make and can be batch-made for a crowd. With the right ingredients, techniques, and recipes, you can create delicious cocktails that your friends and family will love! So why not pick up some spirits and mixers and get to work on your next signature cocktail!


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